A Personal Digital Research Assistant Aimed At Businesses

A group of software industry veterans are betting that a Zurich-based company can leverage the intersection of search, social networking, business intelligence and content curation to create usefulRead more

Informilo Raises Seed Funding From Two of Europe's Great Entrepreneurs

Informilo is pleased to announce that it has raised seed funding from two of Europe's great entrepreneurs: Måns Hultman, the former CEO and Chairman of Qliktech, a global player in business intelligence software (Its listing was  one of the hottest  IPOs on Nasdaq in 2010), and Sean Phelan, the founder of Multimap, a UK-based, global mapping company that was sold to Microsoft in 2007.Read more

A Tale of Two IPOS: Qliktech's Listing Was One of Nasdaq's Hottest Tech IPOS in 2010

Wall Street observers marveled that it felt like 1999 for a few hours on July 16, a sweltering day in New York City that signaled the start of a heat wave.That day Qliktech, which pioneered a disruptive new approach to business intelligence software, launched an initial public offering of stock on the NASDAQ  and saw its stock shoot up by more than 30 % after the opening bell, before settling down for a 28 % gain, making it one of the hottest tech IPOs of the year in the U.S.Read more

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